Nisha's Quick N Ezee Indian Food was created by Manish Puri & Ashmin Nisha.  "Since we moved to the                            States in 1996, we have been cooking delicious gourmet Indian food that we have been eating ever since                         childhood." When Ashmin Nisha lived in San Francisco & worked for someone who sold at the local farmers                       market and her and her husband move to Houston, she desperately missed her                                              weekly connections with customers.  Ashmin prepared, ready-to-eat foods for carnivores,                                          vegans, vegetarians, &   even gluten-free clients.  Nisha's line of quality foods range from                                       assorted filled samosas, chana masala, chicken tikka, chutneys and dips, saag paneer,                                                   tomato bhaji, & parathas.

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Nisha's Indian Food uses the best & the freshest ingredients, which matches the mission of Kingwood FM Company of fresh, tasty, and  Nisha's goal is to provide the best and healthiest food possibly all authentic, natural, and quick. 

Nisha's Quick N Easy Indian Food  (Ashmin Nisha)

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